Ryanair Technics Engineers Supplied Through Excel Aviation

Ryanair Technics Engineers | Excel Aviation
Ryanair Technics Engineers Supplied Through Excel Aviation 1 Ryanair Technics has approved an exclusive contract for Excel Aviation to supply Aircraft Engineers in Germany. This partnership will help to fill the expansion plans for Ryanair in Germany.  Excel Aviation will be recruiting Engineers throughout 2017 to fuel the demand from Ryanair Technics as  it expands its presence in Germany.  All B1/ Cat-A Engineers are invited to apply for a po...

Irish Employment Firms to Benefit From Brexit

Dublin Airport Sign Brexit This Way | Excel Aviation
Irish Employment Firms to Benefit From Brexit 1 On 23rd June, the British public voted by a margin of 52% to 48% to withdraw from the European Union. As canvassed in our previous Brexit article, this will have a significant impact on the Irish aviation sector and its relationship with its UK counterpart. Brexit could well mean that cheap flights to continental Europe for UK passengers will be a thing of the past and prices could rise to that seen in the 1980's. Dublin is set to ...

Excel’s Inaugural Check In Agents Graduates

Excel Aviations inaugural Ryanair Check In Agents
Excel Aviation's Inaugural Ryanair Check-In Agents Course Graduates   1 2 3 4 5 Graduates from Ryanair's Check-In Agents course, April 2016.    April 2016 marked Excel Aviation's inaugural Ryanair Check-In Agents course. Twel...

Will Brexit Affect The Aviation Industry

David Cameron Brexit
Will A Brexit Affect The Aviation Industry   1 David Cameron vowed to campaign with his "heart and soul" to keep Britain in the European Union.   A 'Brexit,' Britain exiting the EU, will mean the UK will relinquish their traffic rights with EU member states. Airline fares could rise if a Brexit does occur. The liberalised aviation market within the EU provides benefits for member states such as no restriction on capacity, frequency, or pricing. The British prime minis...

Ryanair Orders Boeing 737 Max

3D imagery, 737 MAX, MAX, 737 MAX 7, 737 MAX8, 737 MAX 9
Ryanair Orders New Boeing 737 Max   1 2 3 Ryanair adds an additional 200 aircraft to its fleet, with the purchase order of the new Boeing 737 Max aircraft.   Exciting times ahead as our client Ryanair adds an additional 200 Boeing 737 Max aircraft to its fleet. This will generate new aviation job opportunities for qualified and skilled workers, supplied through Excel Aviation, to operate and maintain these aircraft. Europe's largest passenger carrier has rea...

100 Million Passengers

100 Million Passengers   Ryanair's Boeing 737-800 series aircraft.   Excel is delighted to note that our client Ryanair has carried over 100 million passengers in one calendar year. This is excellent news for our potential new candidates. With an airline in expansion mode comes new positions and career progression opportunities. This significant milestone is good news for all our existing and potential contractors. As an aviation recruitment agency we look forward to ...