Simple Techniques For Improving Your CV

3 Simple Techniques For Making Your CV
Simple Techniques For Improving Your CV Free tips for making a CV by those who should know.     3 simple techniques that will help make your CV structured, organised, and overall better rounded. Making a CV can be a difficult process, especially when you really want the job you are applying for, you tend to over sell yourself. Excel Aviation as a recruitment and employment agency has come across thousands of CVs: Good ones, bad ones,...

Ryanair Orders Boeing 737 Max

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Ryanair Orders New Boeing 737 Max   1 2 3 Ryanair adds an additional 200 aircraft to its fleet, with the purchase order of the new Boeing 737 Max aircraft.   Exciting times ahead as our client Ryanair adds an additional 200 Boeing 737 Max aircraft to its fleet. This will generate new aviation job opportunities for qualified and skilled workers, supplied through Excel Aviation, to operate and maintain these aircraft. Europe's largest passenger carrier has rea...