Ryanair Orders Boeing 737 Max

Ryanair Orders New Boeing 737 Max

Ryanair adds an additional 200 aircraft to its fleet, with the purchase order of the new Boeing 737 Max aircraft.

Exciting times ahead as our client Ryanair adds an additional 200 Boeing 737 Max aircraft to its fleet. This will generate new aviation job opportunities for qualified and skilled workers, supplied through Excel Aviation, to operate and maintain these aircraft. 

Europe's largest passenger carrier has reached an agreement with Boeing to purchase up to 200 new Boeing 737-Max aircraft which will have a significant effect on the future growth of the airline. 

When finalised and all options exercised, this deal will be worth over $22bn at current list prices.  

This purchase represents the largest ever capital investment by an Irish company in US manufacturing.

Ryanair becomes the lead customer for this new aircraft, which will feature 197 seats (8 more than the existing 737-800s) and new CFM LEAP-1B engines.

Combined with aerodynamic improvements, these engines will reduce fuel consumption by up to 18% in Ryanair’s configuration and reduce operational noise emissions by 40%.

This will further reduce industry costs for the airline, and these savings will be passed on via lower fares to customers.

As with a growing airline comes expansion in the form of new job opportunities for personnel to operate and maintain its new aircraft.

An additional 200 aircraft will increase Ryanair's fleet to an astounding 520. Providing plenty of new aviation job opportunities with the airline, provided through Excel's recruitment and employment services.

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