Personnel Solutions

Personnel Solutions

If your organisation is seeking new personnel, maintaining current workforce, recruiting for expansion, or contracting short-term personnel, Excel Aviation can provide a customised personnel solution for your recruitment needs.

Excel Aviation is an international employment agency that specialises in providing both permanent and temporary personnel for aviation organisations and airlines.

Backed by over 25 years' experience in the aviation industry, Excel Aviation can meet your organisations requirements with regards to seasonality, expansion, and growth.


Excel Aviation can provide a customised recruitment programme to suit its client’s specific needs. Excel Aviation's team brings over 20 years experience of recruitment in the aviation sector to...

Employment / Contracting

Excel Aviation can provide employment services for permanent or temporary positions or contract personnel or a combination of both solutions depending on its client’s requirements.

Health & Safety

Excel Aviation provides health and safety consultancy services to the Aviation Industry. Services provided range from the implementation of a health and safety management...

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