Company Background

Excel Aviation is an international employment agency specialising in the aviation industry. Backed by 25 years experience in the aviation sector, we provide both permanent and temporary personnel solutions.

Our services allow our clients to manage seasonality in their operational needs, increase efficiency and flexibility of their workforce and respond to market opportunities for growth.

Excel's team has over 15 years experience in providing personnel to the aviation industry with extensive knowledge and expertise in international employment, recruitment, and contracting

Understanding the needs of modern aviation organisations and airlines, Excel can help in regards to seasonality, expansion, and growth. Offering customised personnel solutions which meet the requirements of our clients and providing an ongoing support in regards to employment legislation and recruitment procedures.




Excels Current European Operations

What we supply

We offer a broad range of services including customised Recruitment programmes, and both Contracting and Employment personnel solutions customised to our clients requirements. Excel also offers Health & Safety consultancy services.

Excel can also provide payroll services for companies seeking to comply with changing Taxation and Social Security Legislation.

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Excel can provide; full employment solution, contract short or fixed-term personnel or a combination of both solutions depending on its client’s requirements.



Excel can provide a customised recruitment programme to suit its client’s specific needs. Specialising in planning and managing customised recruitment programmes.


Health & Safety  

Conducting a health & safety audit of your company's operations and produce a comprehensive report highlighting any potential risk's and advice on how to eradicate these risks.


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